About us

We build the things other teams tell you
can't be done and we're pretty good at it too

AK Tech. Solutions, Peshawar is the leader and pioneer in visually customizable website development, softwares, networking, network security access management, mobile applications and reporting applications etc.

We entered the development field in 2012. Since then we have designed hundreds of webs and applications. Our goal is to create technical solutions that will bring joy to our users and develop the potential of our clients.

Our solutions are not merely technical because we see the projects in a broader spectrum. We make them transparent and engaging for users and admins alike. They speak clearly and are successful and profitable.

About us


AK Tech. Solutions, Peshawar can offer some of the best technical support in Peshawar, Pakistan. That is the reason why we can employ talented professional specialists in the field.


AK Tech. Solutions, Peshawar is located in Main City of Peshawar and is easily accessible. A trip from the major cities takes only a few hours. Therefore, the choice or necessity of a personal meeting is neither a burden on finances nor time.


The economic system and lower price level allows us to produce work of a same or higher quality with lower expenses than in Pakistan.

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